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Healthy Children Snacks For The Summer

Healthy Summer Snacks Can Keep Children Pleased

Healthy Snacks For Children

Healthy Children Snacks For The Summer

Summer generally suggests kids will be spending plenty more time around the house and the yard. Idle time sometimes means kids will be poking around the kitchen and refrigerator in hopes of discovering a quick and simple snack. Many times the snacks are not really that healthy and often filled with sugar and fat. Look for high fiber snacks to be some of the best.

To help your kids and see that they eat healthy, be sure to keep the fridge and kitchen pantry equipped and filled with healthy snacks that your children will love to eat and snack on. Start with a large range of choices from the milk, fruit, vegetable, grains and other healthy food groups.

Smart and healthy snacking is a great method to satisfy nutrition requirements that may be missed at mealtime per a well known dietitian at the Milk Council of California. “If selected carefully, treats can promote health without including a lot of calories.”

This dietitian adds that encouraging your children to play outdoors or take a refreshing dip in the pool and other exercises are also part of the formula to keep kids healthy.

Ideas For Healthy Children Snacks

Some snacking ideas that make a parent’s task easier:

1. Plan ahead and buy healthy snacks when you do your weekly grocery shopping.

2. Pre-make your child’s snacks into small plastic bags at the right portions.

3. Keep healthy snacks in a particular spot in your fridge and cabinet, and let kids help themselves to a set number daily.

4. Integrate snacks from 2 or more food groups, like raspberry yogurt, low-fat chocolate milk and a banana in a mixer for a cool, refreshing reward.

The Milk Council of California’s meal-planning Website www.mealsmatter.org consists of many easy-to-make, kid-friendly snacks. These include snacks like Apple Bagel Sandwich Moms and hundreds of other great tasting recipes and treat ideas to help your children stay healthy throughout summer.

Example Of A Healthy Snack

Apple Bagel Sandwich

Healthy Children Snacks For The Summer

Healthy Children Snacks

– 1 Whole-wheat bagel (or healthy bagel of your choice).
– 1 Slice round Cheddar cheese.
– 1 Apple (green is better).
– A dash or two of cinnamon.

Preparation Of Snack
Slice up the apple into round apple slices. Next, put a round piece of cheese on a bagel half and the apple on top of the cheese and sprinkle with some cinnamon on top of the apple.
2. Bake on a cookie sheet in the oven for 6 to 11 minutes at 340 degrees, however view to make sure you do not over cook. It is done when you see the cheese melting.

Total Preparation Time: less than 15 minutes.
This is just one of many examples of healthy snacks that many children and for that matter adults will find to be a great tasting healthy snack. Some snacks can actually be used as a lunch time meal. Having 300 to 600 calories and plenty of vitamins, minerals and fiber, I think you would agree with this.

More healthy children snacksĀ  will be coming to this site in the future.