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Link Between Diet and Breast Cancer?

The Link between Diet and Breast Cancer – 4

Breast cancer has slowly appeared as a worldwide pandemic. Scientists are starting to believe that there is a link between this disaster and the food that we eat. This is more so the case after comprehensive research has shown that by changing our diet, it is possible to prevent at least 9 out of every 100 cases. This is a massive number given that this is a battle that humans are losing. Here is how different diets affect the probability of one contracting breast cancer.

Dietary Fats

These fats include margarine; fats present in meat, nuts and fish as well as the hidden fat normally found in sweets and a variety of other snacks. According to various researches, there is a strong conclusion that women in their menopause who had a high saturated fat intake, show higher risk of contracting breast cancer as compared to those who had a very low saturated fat intake. As such, this is one thing that you may prefer to do without.

Carbohydrates and Sugars

There is no research that has been able to link sugars and carbohydrates to breast cancer directly. However, it is well known that consumption of these in higher quantity results in an increase of weight, which consequently increases the risk of one contracting breast cancer. This is a proven fact, so the two are indirectly linked to a heightened risk of contracting cancer.

Dairy Foods

The research results from the studies in which dairy products have been involved in have been a bit skeptical. However, Dairy products are known to be rich in calcium. Research shows that women that have high calcium levels in their blood have a lower risk of contracting cancer. This might reflect well on this product, but let us not also forget that the same products contain a sufficient amount of fats.

Fruits are rich in fiber and anti-oxidants. It is because of this reason that fruits are believed to help in reducing the chances of one getting breast cancer. The anti-oxidants are essential in preventing oxidation from taking place that can cause damage of cells and genes leading to cancer. Fruits are also vital in maintaining a healthy weight which is another factor that helps to lower the risk of breast cancer giving them another plus.

While coffee is not a diet as such; it is worth looking at because it has been read into the news and all kinds of blogs being slandered and praised in equal portions. No matter what is being said about coffee, there is no research that has been able to prove its connection to breast cancer and more in terms of increasing the risk of one contracting the same.

The link between diets and Breast cancer is not yet very clear. However, numerous researches that have been done and still being done are showing some signs of hope and shedding some much-needed light on the things that we should or should not partake. This information might be vital in finally being able to stage a winning battle against breast cancer.